Megyn Kelly is reporting that IRAN has developed inter-continental missiles that can reach FAR BEYOND the Middle East [Video]

Iran has produced an intercontinental ballistic missile — an act that poses a dire threat to the United States due to its expanded range, according to a report. We have known for a long time that Iran was on the cusp of a nuclear bomb and this just adds to the impending threat. This missile cannot only reach Israel and Europe, it can reach us. I guess Obama is too busy cuddling with the Mullahs to notice they have us in the cross hairs, or maybe he just doesn’t care and is hoping for conflict. Obama’s appeasement brings war and nuclear destruction. It’s coming. With the fall of Yemen yesterday, the death of the King of Saudi Arabia and now this, it feels as though the doomsday clock is about to strike midnight.

From The Right Scoop:

A new Israeli report says that there are intercontinental missile sites being developed near Tehran Iran, probably as a consequence of Obama’s brilliant negotiating with the Mullahs.

More from J-Space News:

Iran has built a 27-meter-long missile capable of delivering a warhead “far beyond Europe,” and placed it on a launch pad on a site close to Tehran, an Israeli TV report said on January 21, showing what it said were the first satellite images of the missile ever seen in the West.

The report stressed that the missile could be used to launch spacecraft or satellites, but also to carry warheads.

The Channel 2 news report showed satellite imagery documenting what it said was Iran’s “very rapid progress” on long-range missile manufacture.

The news report showed one photograph of a site near Tehran, which it said the West had known about for two years, where Iran was working on engines for its long-range missiles.

The report then showed a satellite photograph of a second site, nearby, which featured a launch pad, with the 27-meter missile on it—an Iranian missile “never seen before” by the West.

The TV report said that the missile is capable of taking a manned spacecraft or satellite to space.

The missile is also capable of carrying a conventional or non-conventional warhead “far beyond Europe,” the report added.

Thanks goodness Obama is on top of everything.

These new launch sites in Iran can launch a satellite into space, or an ICBM missile with nukes into the US’ lap. The intercontinental missile, according to the Jerusalem Post, was spotted during a television broadcast on Israel’s Channel 2. The broadcast included images of Iran taken from a satellite that was launched last year and it showed several sites that were recently built for missiles. Wonder if any of those have ‘Death to America’ labeled on them? Obama has aided and abetted Iran at every turn and our military leaders have been warning on this threat for a very long time. It’s as if he wants us nuked and Iran is getting ready to oblige.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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