IS Michelle Obama Trying To Cause Trouble Doing THIS, Or Is She Just INSENSITIVE!

For some reason people seem to like Michelle Obama, a fact which goes a long way to prove the theory that whoever the First Lady is she’ll be popular.

Because Michelle Obama has done more to divide the country than bring it together, just like her husband has. She has largely escaped media attention for her strange behaviors, which on balance might be a good thing since it has limited the damage she might otherwise have done to the office of First Lady.

Still, there is this

From Western Journalism:

The Obama Administration has often been accused of capitulating to hostile foreign states and, in particular, has drawn a great deal of criticism over its actions towards Iran.

Now, for the second year in a row, the White House has hosted a Nowruz festival, honoring the Iranian New Year. The stated purpose of the festival is to help Americans remember that diversity plays an important role in our country, especially during a time of such “hateful rhetoric.”

“When Barack and I first got here, we committed to opening this place up to as many people from as many different backgrounds as possible — especially folks who have never been through these doors before,” said First Lady Michelle Obama. “We think America is strongest when we recognize our many traditions, when we celebrate our diversity, and we lift each other up.”

She continued, “Right now when we are hearing so much disturbing and hateful rhetoric, it is so important to remember that our diversity has been and will always be our greatest source of strength and pride here in the United States.”

“We are a nation of immigrants and we should cherish the talent and energy and the beautiful traditions and cultures that come with that heritage,” she said, concluding her remarks.

“Hateful rhetoric?” Like maybe “Death To America” which the evil Iranian regime has adopted as a national motto?


There is a way to celebrate a cultural tradition that Iranian-Americans have brought with them, many in fleeing the tyranny of the mullahs in that country, without demeaning one’s own people. American distrust and ill will toward the Iranian regime is neither bigoted or racist; it’s the product of nearly 40 years of experience with a country which has waged asymmetrical war against us.

The Obama administration’s actions with regard to Iran have been on a level of responsibility you’d expect from 15 year-olds with whiskey and car keys. It had the opportunity to support, if merely with words, the Green Revolution when millions of Iranians seeking freedom took to the streets of their country in 2009 and chose not to. It then watched as Iran made a cat’s paw of the Iraqi government in Baghdad, one major effect of which was to create ISIS partly out of Sunnis disgusted with that Shiite government’s actions. And then it conducted a wildly irresponsible nuclear deal with Iran that involved giving the mullahs some $100 billion they’re obviously going to use to promote Islamic terrorism.

And now the First Lady lectures the American people on “hateful rhetoric” toward the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism (that they’ll be sponsoring with money her husband gave them).

If you knew these people were actively fighting against America from inside the White House, how much would you expect them to be doing differently?

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