WTH! Knife-Wielding Muslim Shouts “Allahu Akbar” in NYC Right Before THIS Happens…

While the White House refuses to even say the words radical Islamic terrorism and, it was revealed this week, is taking in twice as many immigrants from Islamic countries as it is from Europe, our streets are increasingly providing alarming reminders that the Muslim world brings with it an unfortunate level of violence and barbarity that we cannot escape.

That was apparent in New York City last Friday…

From Young Conservatives:

A man who was roaming the streets in Crown Heights on Friday without a shirt and a wielding a four-inch knife in his hand while yelling at a Lubavitcher Chusid “Allah Akbar” may soon face hate crime charges, sources familiar with the investigation told JP.

Police say 25-year-old Naquan Smith, who has a criminal history with 10 prior arrests in New York City, was in front of 899 Montgomery Street with the knife in his hand Friday afternoon.

Schneer Goldstein was at the intersection of Montgomery Street and Schenectady Avenue when he observed Smith with the knife in hand. Goldstein called 911 and Crown Heights shomrim. While waiting for their arrival, the anti-crime team from the 67th Precinct passed by and Goldstein flagged them down and they held down Smith.

It’s entirely possible that this hooligan wasn’t a jihadist and screamed Allahu Akbar to add insult to injury upon his intended victim. That would attribute to him a level of political sophistication which might be ambitious for a career criminal, though, and we already know there is an alarming amount of Muslim proselytization going on in our penal system.

And it would be no surprise to find out there’s a local mosque where there’s a troubling message being preached. It’s seldom these stories are all that complicated. You usually find out these people are radicalized more or less out in the open by people who know virtually nothing will be done about it and when the rest of us react with outrage, we’re called racists and Islamophobes by the political hacks who provide cover for the jihadists in our midst.

And nobody seems interested in putting a stop to it.

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