BOOM! Allen West Tells Us EXACTLY What It Takes To Crush Radical Islamic Cockroaches

BOOM! Allen West Tells Us EXACTLY What It Takes To Crush Radical Islamic Cockroaches

Ooh Rah! Allen West simply rocks. Obama is patting himself on the back over killing 10 ISIS leaders. It’s all propaganda and nothing more. He’s not doing a damned thing to really hurt this scum at all. It’s all optics. Ramadi should never have fallen to begin with and it is not fully taken back. 30% of the stronghold is still controlled by ISIS and they have a penchant for rising up and taking back what they consider theirs. As West says, it’s all coming apart. Last week, we lost six brave warriors in Afghanistan. The combat theater commander, General Campbell, declared ISIS as being “operationally emergent” in Afghanistan. We are at war in an arena that Obama keeps staunchly claiming is not a war zone. No one believes him… not Americans and certainly not the men he supposedly commands. It’s a monstrous joke and a deadly one at that. The Taliban is now stronger than they have ever been in Afghanistan and what they don’t control, ISIS does. It’s a total FAIL for Obama.

ISIS Cockroaches

From Allen West:

The Obama administration is now crowing about killing ten mid-level ISIS leaders. This is nothing more than a reaction to recent polls expressing Americans’ lack of confidence and trust in Obama’s dealing with Islamic terrorism. There is anxiety and a sense of abject failure with President Obama’s handling of the global Islamic jihadist movement — and it is warranted. And ten guys, or the “retaking” of Ramadi — something that should have never happened — will not dissuade this sentiment.


The death of ten-mid level jihadi leaders, while nice, is not a strategic victory. Heck, it’s not even a tactical achievement. There are hundreds of thousands globally and we need a doggone big can of Raid for these cockroaches.

It’s up to us, the loyal patriots of America to elect new leadership that will send a message to the jihadists — you can run, but you will only die tired.

And I mean you WILL die.

I read your book, know your history, and know what it takes to body slam you jihadis. Enjoy these last 380 days. Hillary Clinton ain’t coming to empathize with y’all. Hell is coming to claim you.

The media tells us to look at the shiny object of Ramadi, while everything else goes to hell, including Ramadi if truth be told. It’s insulting. Our enemies no longer fear us and they know that Obama has another year of weakness… another year where they can gain strength, conquer and grow the Caliphate. ISIS is spreading across the globe and we are being thoroughly infiltrated by Islamists in every sector of our culture thanks to Obama. We need a leader that is fearless and will bring death to our enemies… not flyers and groveling. West is right, they better enjoy it while they can… hell awaits ISIS and their demonic soldiers. Our US military kills Jihadists dead… we are coming for them and soon.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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