Midwife Filmed Beating, Biting A Four-Day-Old Baby Girl After Her Crying Woke Other Babies Up

Midwife Filmed Beating, Biting A Four-Day-Old Baby Girl After Her Crying Woke Other Babies Up

We expect healthcare professionals to act a certain way. We trust our lives and the lives of our loved ones to these people and it’s important that trust exists. One heinous healthcare “professional” betrayed that trust when she beat and bit a newborn for doing what babies do- crying.


A nurse who shocked the world when she was allegedly caught on camera savagely beating a newborn baby has been charged with attempted murder.

CCTV footage of the incident appeared to show Emiliya Kovacheva, a mother-of-two and carer for her elderly parents, repeatedly beating and even biting the four-day-old baby girl.

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She has apparently claimed that it was the end of a 24 hour shift, and she simply lost her temper when the newborn started crying at around 2am, waking the other babies.

The mother of the victim had been at the SofiaMed hospital in the Bulgarian capital Sofia to give birth and her baby was being kept under observation in the care of a nurse.

The attack was apparently so savage, it was initially feared that the baby would suffer permanent brain damage and perhaps die from her injuries.

But after intensive work by medics, the child eventually made a full recovery. The indictment said that had emergency medics not acted immediately the baby would have died.

The nurse was arrested after the child was seen to be suffering and a medical check revealed a fractured skull and a brain haematoma.

A later check of CCTV images allegedly revealed the beating by the midwife was the reason the baby had sustained the injuries, including bite marks.

The prosecution’s case is that the woman was ‘frustrated by the fact that the newborn would not go to sleep, and had decided to punish her for waking up the other babies’.

Kovacheva is charged with attempted murder, though her defence insists she should be tried for inflicting grievous bodily harm instead.

The midwife is facing a sentence of 15 to 20 years behind bars if found guilty.

Boriana Marinkova, a spokesman for Tokuda hospital, where the baby was saved, said: ‘The most important thing for a child’s parents is to see how the baby will recover, other things are not so important.’

Bulgarian actor Alexander Kadiev summed up the feelings of many in the country when he gave an interview on the incident saying that the woman should get the death penalty if convicted.

Others voiced their thoughts online, with one posting: ‘This video was so disturbing I haven’t been able to get the images out of my mind since I saw them.’

Babies cry. It’s what they do. Nobody should be blamed for being frustrated when this happens, but taking it out on the baby is never, ever acceptable. It’s heinous enough when savage parents and nannies take their frustration out on children, but for a healthcare “professional” to beat and bite a newborn? That’s beyond heinous…

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