‘Not a Smidgen of Corruption’: The IRS is Forced to Admit They Never Even Looked for Lois Lerner’s ‘Missing’ Emails

It’s laughable, that the Obama administration can claim with a straight face that there’s no corruption to be found, despite such corrupt practices as unleashing the IRS on conservative groups. After the IRS scandal came to light, Lois Lerner tried to claim that her emails had mysteriously vanished after a hard drive crash — but it turns out, officials never even looked for the missing emails.


At the heart of the scandal is Lois Lerner, the disgraced IRS chief who oversaw the tax exemption department of the IRS who waged war on conservatives for years until thrown under the bus by the Obama Administration. She has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, but when investigators subpoenaed her emails from the period of the IRS’ vendetta, officials claimed they could not provide the emails because of a supposed computer crash.

Soon after, the hard drive mysteriously went missing and the Obama Administration has claimed they do not know what happened to it.

However, on Thursday, the IRS was forced to admit that they have not searched for the missing emails in any of its standard computer systems.

The next time the IRS audits someone, that person should claim that they don’t have their tax information and receipts and that they refuse to look for them. Let’s see if the IRS will simply move on with such an excuse…

In response to legal actions brought by the government watchdog group Judicial Watch, IRS lawyers explained that the IRS had not searched the computer systems for the “missing” emails for a variety of reasons.

They claimed that no search was conducted because “the servers would not result in the recovery of any information.”

They further claimed that back-up tapes were not searched because there is “no reason to believe that the tapes are a potential source of recovering” the missing emails.

… In short: the IRS spent years targeting conservative nonprofits for harassment until finally, they were forced to admit to what they had been doing. While still maintaining that the harassment was not as a result of political considerations and that no corruption had taken place, the smoking gun behind the IRS chief’s motivations went missing and while still claiming that these are all just a series of coincidences, the IRS now admits that they never even looked for a way of trying to find the “missing” emails.

Well, it’s not like the IRS really wanted those emails to be found, so the easiest solution was obviously to just not look for them. Besides, what are we going to believe? Our own eyes, or what the Obama administration tells us?

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