The Incestuous Pedophile Clan That Advertised Child Abuse Parties on Craigslist and Brainwashed Their 3-Year-Old Into Believing it was Normal

The Incestuous Pedophile Clan That Advertised Child Abuse Parties on Craigslist and Brainwashed Their 3-Year-Old Into Believing it was Normal

The case of the Holland family, a twisted cult of incest and child rape, is so crazy that it’s hard to believe it’s true: generation after generation of children were groomed to participate in child abuse parties and to pass down the abuse and incest to their children. Now, the family patriarch is dead and one young victim is missing.

donnie holland

The Holland house – a typical single-story home in a well-tended plot of land just outside Mobile, Alabama – was a happy place, with regular barbecues and children swimming, tubing and even jet-skiing in the nearby Fish River.

But behind it was an horrific ‘perfect storm’ of child abuse in which Holland, parts of his extended family and his wife and some of her relatives were involved in ‘parties’ in which children as young as nine were abused.

One prosecutor involved in the case told MailOnline that the pedophile ring was the product of generations of incestuous relations – and that abusers had gone on to become perpetrators in a cycle only finally interrupted by authorities.

… The innocent barbecues were only part of the truth – there were barbecues, but what happened later was not innocent.

Fathers and mothers, uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters would end the evening reveling in group sex with children as young as four.

Groomed almost from birth the young victims would be told to watch the scenes of depravity from the end of the bed until they were deemed old enough to take part.

Mobile Assistant District Attorney Nicki Patterson told MailOnline: ‘What is so disturbing with this case is that we have so many people involved.

‘They led a swinger’s lifestyle. They would engage in adult group sex but Donnie Holland would involve the children frequently.

‘There were children who were 14 or 15 years old which may have appeared to be young adults but there also there were children who were clearly prepubescent – as young as nine years old.’

She added: ‘They barbecued a lot. They would have parties and then they would end up in bed together.

‘Some of the kids’ earliest memories at three or four years old are of abuse.

‘Some of the women used sex toys on the kids to get them ready for sex. It was a very important thing within the family. They put an enormous effort in to get the children ready. It was very thought out.

‘The mom, the aunt and children would get into bed and Donnie would tell them what to do.’

… Baldwin District Attorney Teresa Heinz told MailOnline: ‘For these children this is what happened at the weekend. They did not know that other kids did not do this.

‘The kids would be offered trinkets – more TV time, credit for their cell phone, presents – if they took part and punished if they did not.

… The children’s friends were also abused during sleep-overs at the other typical homes in a quiet district of Mobile, an affluent City close to Alabama’s Gulf Coast, where sex-ring members lived.

While the principal predators mostly worked in construction some of their ‘guests’ held down respectable class jobs.

Mobile Assistant DA Nicki Patterson said: ‘They would find other people – middle class people with good jobs – to take part in their sex parties from Craig’s List.’

By May 2012, detectives had a sufficiently clear idea of what was happening that they arranged to interview Donnie.

But the night before he was due to be interviewed by detectives – the 30th – he drove into the Alabama countryside with his niece Brittney Wood with whom he had had a long-standing sexual relationship.

Brittney, 19, who had a two-year-old daughter, has not been seen since. Investigators believe she was murdered.

Holland was discovered the following day with a gun-shot wound to the back of the head. He died later in hospital.

… District Attorney Teresa Heinz, who has successfully secured the jury conviction of one sex-ring member and will lead the prosecution of Wendy, told MailOnline: ‘It’s a bizarre situation because you have all these family members.

‘I have seven charged defendants and I have investigations pending on many more.

‘This case is constantly evolving. We know there are more victims.’

As details of the sex ring emerged Brittney’s mother Chessie Wood was among those arrested on child abuse charges. The children have all since been taken to places of safety.

It’s hard to determine which of these family members are truly evil, and which of them didn’t have a choice — if a child raised in this kind of environment, brainwashed to believe that it’s normal, grows up to continue the abuse as an adult, then how responsible are they, really? Whatever happens, this entire situation is beyond tragic, with one beautiful girl likely dead and God knows how many children with ruined lives.

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