Cannibal Killer Found Chewing a Woman’s Face in a Hotel Room Before He Was Tasered by Police

Cannibal Killer Found Chewing a Woman’s Face in a Hotel Room Before He Was Tasered by Police

Talk about a headline ripped from the pages of a movie script. Matthew Williams was killed after police found him in a hotel room eating a woman’s face.

matthew williams

A killer died after being tasered by police today after they found him CHEWING a woman’s face in a hotel room – just two weeks after he was released from prison.

Murder suspect Matthew Williams, 34, “went Hannibal Lecter” on his victim, 22, eating her eyeball and half of her face.

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Security staff at the hotel burst into the room today when Williams refused to let them in and they found him “eating her to death”.

Horrified staff called police who hit Williams with the high voltage taser knocking him to the floor.

Williams was formally arrested but moments later became “unresponsive” and died.

The woman, who he had just met, was also confirmed dead from her injuries in the room of the Sirhowy Arms Hotel in the village of Argoed, near Blackwood, South Wales.

… Williams – known by his nickname Fifi – had just served half a five-year prison sentence for a violent attack on his partner who lives nearby.

He was staying at the hotel which operated as a bail hostel and had taken his victim back there for a drink.

Lyn Beasley, who lives close to the hotel, said: “He went Hannibal Lecter on the woman, he gouged her eyeball out, ate them and ate and half her face.

“He had just been released from prison and was high on coke.”

It’s not exactly surprising to find out that this man had served jail time for violent attacks in the past. Maybe if he had been given a harsher punishment for his crime, this woman wouldn’t be dead.

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