AWFUL Images Of ISIS Brutality Include Beheadings, Maimings Of Islamic State Prisoners

This will get a bit uncomfortable to see, but ISIS’ campaign of repression against the people it governs continues apace.

Blindfolded and pinned down in a chair, a terrified ISIS prisoner prepares to be beheaded with a three-foot sword.

These chilling pictures appear to show the captive being executed in the terror group’s Syrian capital of Raqqa in front of dozens of onlookers and even young children.

As the suspect is held down by a balaclava-clad militant, another masked fighter stands over him with a scimitar poised above his neck.

It is not clear what crime the prisoner is alleged to have committed.

But the jihadists often sentence victims to death for offences such as spying or blasphemy after ‘convicting’ them through an Islamic kangaroo court.

In other pictures that emerged online today, another suspect is seen having his hand chopped off with a meat cleaver after being accused of theft.

The sentencing, also believed to have been held in Raqqa, is the latest in a string of sickening amputations carried out by ISIS over the last two years.

Previous photographs taken in the Iraqi stronghold of Mosul showed in shocking detail how they pump their victims full of drugs before using a massive meat cleaver to cut off their hands.


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