BREAKING: 5 Dead After Terrorist Explosion Near US Embassy

BREAKING: 5 Dead After Terrorist Explosion Near US Embassy

Now, at last 5 people have died and 10 more injured due to an explosion in Turkey’s capital, Ankara. Reports are saying an Islamic terrorist car bomb is to blame for this massive explosion and even more terrifying, the target was Turkey’s military personnel…

Screenshot 2016-02-17 at 1.18.57 PM

Ankara’s governor has confirmed the death count.

The blast happened near the American embassy, close to a military headquarters just as a bus with military personnel was passing by on the road.

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Witnesses shared images purporting to show the aftermath of the blast. A large amount of smoke is visible in the photos.

Military vehicles near the explosion caught on fire, and there is serious damage.

This happens just week after a suicide bomber killed 10 people in Istanbul.

Attacking their military…that means the terrorist are unafraid. This is a problem, and I hope people with the power start caring more about it. Terrorism needs to be handled, not ignored.

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