ALERT: New Evidence Has Many Claiming Justice Scalia Was Murdered

ALERT: New Evidence Has Many Claiming Justice Scalia Was Murdered

A handful of photographs have surfaced of Obama posing with the wealthy Democrat Party donor who owns the ranch resort where Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead. These pictures have cast a large shadow of suspicion on Obama…

obama scalia

“Was Justice Scalia murdered?”

[Mike] Savage posed that question to listeners on his recent show, at the same time insisting “we need a Warren Commission-like federal investigation” and calling Scalia’s sudden death “serious business.”

Now the blog DC Whispers has stoked those flames with a post that includes a couple of photographs of Obama and Poindexter, who owns the Cibolo Creek Ranch where Scalia was staying at the time of his death, in a friendly handshake.
“It has been long-standing policy for the Obama administration to grant presidential awards to those who are among the president’s most prized political donors,” DC Whispers wrote. “It was Poindexter who reportedly was among those who initially discovered the justice’s body, and who then coordinated with local officials to have Justice Scalia declared dead via a phone conversation with the area medical examiner, but without an actual medical examination of the body.”

The Associated Press reported Texas Judge Cinderela Guevara initially determined an autopsy should be performed on Scalia’s body, but then changed her mind when the justice’s doctor confirmed he had a history of heart troubles and when emergency officials responding to the scene of his death said no foul play was suspected.

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This conspiracy and many others are fed by a very misleading and NON-transparent Obama Administration. Problem is, Obama is the biggest liar America has ever seen in the Whitehouse and so far it seems there are no lengths his administration wouldn’t go in order to advance their agenda. Would Obama and the left murder to get an extra seat on the Supreme Court? Maybe. Did they plan the demise of Justice Scalia? I have no idea… it seems very risky.

Will passing blame and accusations accomplish anything? Again how far have we gotten on ‘Fast and Furious’ and Benghazi investigations and even Hillary emails? Not very far. HERE are the pictures of Obama with his top donor you were waiting for…

obama poindexter

Obama Poindexter 2

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