Great job, Obama! ISIS has this STAGGERING SUM in the bank

Great job, Obama! ISIS has this STAGGERING SUM in the bank

Did you know that it’s physically impossible to count to a million out loud? Did you know that ISIS has way more than that in the bank?

isis is rich

Its tentacles of power stretch out across Iraq and Syria, whose border it has erased. Syrian Raqqa is the de facto capital, Iraqi Mosul its most populous center. Within its brutal control lies a huge population of eight million – and it has assets estimated at $2 trillion.

It’s safe to say that one person cannot possibly count to 2 trillion out loud. In fact, I hope you try to. By the time you count for an hour, you’ll be exhausted and Obama still won’t make any intelligent moves to aid in the battle of ISIS.

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Hey Anonymous, why don’t you hack their bank and rob the money, keep half for yourself, then share the rest with your friends and family? You could be the modern day Robin Hood.

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