Muslim Refuses to Remove Niqab During Job Training – Court Rules to Cut Her Welfare Benefits

Muslim Refuses to Remove Niqab During Job Training – Court Rules to Cut Her Welfare Benefits

Muslim women are often forced to live in insane circumstances, oppressed under a misogynist code invented by a genocidal warlord. And even in more developed countries, women are still forced to suffer when they’re made to live under Sharia law. A woman in the Netherlands, for example, got an unpleasant surprise when she went to court wearing a niqab.

A Muslim woman was making a court appearance in the Netherlands and she showed up wearing a niqab. A niqab is a veil worn over a woman’s face that obscures everything except her eyes. The woman allegedly had been told to take off the veil during job training and refused, so the matter was taken to court.

Once in front of the judge, the woman still refused to remove her niqab and so the court ruled that her welfare benefits would be slashed. “The Central Appeals ruled that the Utrecht municipality could reduce social security benefits because the person concerned had refused repeatedly during a job training to take off her niqab,” the ruling read. “The chance that they will find work quickly, is very small as they continue to wear a niqab. This causes undue pressure being placed on the public purse.”

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While the woman’s benefits were not completely removed, they were decreased by 30%. The council did agree that, under freedom of religion legislation, she had the right to wear a niqab. But she evidently can’t wear one and also get a job — or receive welfare.

The woman then left the Netherlands and is reportedly living in the United Kingdom now, where it’s not clear if she’s receiving welfare benefits. Unfortunately for her, she’s unlikely to find a much friendlier environment in the United Kingdom — a majority of the population favors a ban on Islamic veils, according to YouGov. “18-24 year olds were the only age group to oppose a ban; all others were in favor, with the oldest 65+ group backing the prohibition by a startling 78 per cent to 12,” the U.K. Independent reported.

Do you think Islamic veils should be banned?

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