BOOM! Union Leaders NOT CEOs, Shown To Be The GREEDY Ones – Here’s The PROOF

BOOM! Union Leaders NOT CEOs, Shown To Be The GREEDY Ones – Here’s The PROOF

I grew up in a union household. My father was in the Carpenter/Millwright union. My cousins are Iron Workers. A report has come out showing that union bosses make far more than the average CEO. I believe that. The union when I was growing up took care of my family… they did a lot of good things for us. But they were also thuggish and corrupt. In the 1990s, the unions basically went communist. So, am I surprised over this? Hell no… it’s what I expected.

It has always baffled me how I could grow up in a devout Christian family and yet they always leaned towards socialism and Marxism. It’s the union influence. They see everything through the colored lens of unionism. Union leaders make obscene amounts of money. It’s like the mafia… they are paid for who they know and the influence they wield. Some of these leaders are every bit as scary as mafia bosses. Maybe more. The unions scream about CEOs being paid too much and how workers should get more… the hypocrisy is thick with this one.

From PJ Media:

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It’s official — union bosses make more money than chief executives. According to an explosive new report, labor presidents enjoyed a $60,000 advantage over private sector CEOs. And yet, big labor is attacking chief executives for taking advantage of their employees.

Union leaders earned an average salary of $252,370 in 2016, according to a new report from the Center for Union Facts. The center compiled salary information from federal labor filings from 192 of the largest national, state, and local unions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, business leaders only earned an average of $194,350 — almost $60,000 less than union bosses, the Washington Free Beacon’s Bill McMorris reported.

When other perks were taken into consideration, union officials took home an average of $283,678.

For instance, Airline Pilots Association President Timothy Canoll was the highest-paid union leader, taking home a total compensation of $775,829, with benefits added on top of his base salary of $526,292. The union gave Canoll about $250,000 in perks, including $24,000 in allowances and $29,000 in official business expenses including things like meals and entertainment. And there’s the $196,534 in compensation classified as “Other.”

My father was one of the best millwrights on the planet. He typically did not wait on a waiting list like other workers. He was always moved to the top and he was paid very well when he worked. He could also go wherever he wanted to work as well. His biggest beef in the 1970s was taxes and dues. The dues situation is totally out of control anymore and the unions are more for politics than they are for the workers these days.

Unions tend to go communist. It’s the way they are built. It’s how they evolve. Union bosses give lip service to getting fair wages for workers, while they rake in big cash. As The Federalist Papers Project points out, the average pay of a fat-cat union boss is $60,000 more per year than the average CEO – this while these union-types complain that the CEOs are taking advantage of workers. As one industry leader also pointed out… “Union elites would be better off serving their members than throwing stones from glass houses.”

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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