Now There Is A State That WILL Prosecute YOU For Anti-Muslim Insults

Now There Is A State That WILL Prosecute YOU For Anti-Muslim Insults

This naturally follows things like forcing bakers to make cakes for gay couples, etc. As The Federalist Papers Project put it… this is totalitarian censorship in it purist form. And I’m sure you will be shocked that the state in question is… wait for it… California. The California Attorney General, Democrat Xavier Becerra (who is a racist communist), is prosecuting a man for making anti-Muslim insults on Facebook. Here are the exact comments he made on the Facebook page of the Islamic Center for Southern California.

Here are the comments from Facebook that the man made on the page of the Islamic Center for Southern California, so you can get a feel for what Becerra is going after here:

  • “THE TERROR HIKE … SOUNDS LIKE FUN” (written in response to the Center’s “Sunset Hike” announcement).
  • “Islam is dangerous – fact: the more muslim savages we allow into america – the more terror we will see -this is a fact which is undeniable.”
  • “Filthy muslim shit has no place in western civilization.”

While the comments are derogatory and insulting, they should not be prosecuted. We still have free speech in this country under the Constitution. But knowing California, they will indeed prosecute you for anti-Muslim insults and comments.

California is going after Mark Feigin over all of this. They claim it violates state law, specifically Cal. Penal Code § 653m(b), which reads:

Every person who, with intent to annoy or harass, makes repeated telephone calls or makes repeated contact by means of an electronic communication device … to another person is … guilty of a misdemeanor. Nothing in this subdivision shall apply to telephone calls or electronic contacts made in good faith or during the ordinary course and scope of business.

The state is asserting that the Facebook posts were made with the express intention of annoying the group. This case should be thrown out before it ever gets to court. But again… California. Prosecutors are contending the posts are illegal because they constitute “repeated harassment from those who wish to mock and disparage their religion,” and, “[r]ather than attempt to engage in discussion or debate,” are “cruel and pointedly aimed at dismissing an entire religion and those who practice it.”

One of the people out there that I greatly admire is law professor Eugene Volokh. He says this in regards to the charges, “The government’s argument makes clear that it’s going after Feigin for the content — indeed the viewpoint — of his speech: “The mere content and nature of the posts establish that they are not made in ‘good faith’ as Defendant would suggest but are meant to annoy and harass.” “Defendant is not seeking understanding or guidance, instead he is posting in order to annoy and harass those who have beliefs with which he vehemently abhors.”

“The Facebook’s page public accessibility “does not translate into requiring ICSC or its members to sustain repeated harassment from those who wish to mock and disparage their religion.” “Rather than attempt to engage in discussion or debate, Defendant’s posts are cruel and pointedly aimed at dismissing an entire religion and those who practice it.” Nor is the government’s argument limited to vulgar epithets (“Filthy muslim shit”), though even those epithets are constitutionally protected when said outside the context of face-to-face “fighting words”; it applies just as much to the nonvulgar criticisms.”

The point here is that if Feigin’s comments are deemed criminal, that can be applied to just about anyone’s opinion. It is unconstitutional and fascist. It is utter garbage and it directly violates the First Amendment. I may not care for Feigin, but it seems to me that his rights are being trashed. He’s also facing tenuous charges of making threatening phone calls. Feigin’s behavior is begging Marxists and Islamists to come after him for going out of his way to insult them. It’s politically motivated and wrong, but Feigin is not helping in the least. He’s an idiot. And if they can come after a numskull like this, they can come after any of us.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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