HORROR: A Father Is Murdered By The PRANK Of Four Young Boys Having “Fun”

HORROR: A Father Is Murdered By The PRANK Of Four Young Boys Having “Fun”

This is just heart-wrenching. A young father from Michigan had his life taken from him in an incredibly stupid way. Four young boys decided to pull a prank that has become all the rage for some reason these days and it has proven fatal before. They dropped a sandbag off an overpass onto the car Marquise Byrd was in as a passenger. It was thrown unto Interstate 75 in Toledo from an overpass. It obliterated his side of the car. As the frame of the car was crushed, the sandbag hit Marquise in the head and he died later at the hospital.

What’s even sadder, was Marquise was getting ready to propose to his girlfriend. And now that will never be. He was going to propose to her on his birthday. “It would have been a surprise to her, and only his mother knew of his plan,” Lillian Diallo said. “He was robbed of being a married father, a husband taking care of his family and living the dream that was almost in his grasp. In his mind, that would have been the greatest gift he could have got on his birthday.” Now his two year-old son will never get to know his father growing up. What a horrific waste and just tragic.

“He was just in a car riding like any of us, not bothering anybody, and the sandbag came down and came down on his side of the car,” Diallo stated. “It was strong enough to collapse the frame of the car — so think what it did to the human body. He died from blunt force trauma to the head and neck.” The four teenagers were caught that did this and have been charged with murder in an Ohio juvenile court. The charges were filed by prosecutors last Tuesday in Toledo. The boys range in age from 13 to 15. The teens initially were charged with the juvenile equivalent of felonious assault.

The driver of the car suffered minor injuries. The incident occurred on Dec. 19th. The Lucas County Coroner’s Office says Byrd died of blunt-force trauma injuries to the head and neck. Police and a prosecutor have said the teens threw other objects from the overpass that night as well. I just don’t get doing something like that to hurt others for the hell of it. Marquise’s family is demanding that the teens be charged as adults here. “I would appreciate if [the boys’ parents] could at least call my auntie and tell her they’re sorry,” Byrd’s cousin, Shaveontae King said.

Marquise was described as young, energetic, outgoing, lovable and he had a bright smile. And in an instant, it was all gone. Officers received a call at 10:10 pm on December 19th. They responded to the scene and saw the teenagers leaving the area after the incident and apprehended them. Ohio prosecutors said there are no plans to transfer the teens’ cases from the juvenile department to adult jurisdiction. Lori Olender, the deputy chief of the county prosecutor’s juvenile division, said that since the teens have no prior criminal records, there is a risk prosecutors would lose if they were tried as adults.

In my opinion they should be charged as adults and pay for their crimes. However, even as juveniles, their lives are pretty much over. I’m sure they will be found guilty and serve time in juvenile detention. Then their cases will be reviewed as to whether they will be set free or moved to the general adult population when they hit 18. None of that will ever bring Marquise back though.

My prayers and thoughts are with his family. I hope that they find solace in faith over this.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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