Warriors Coach: ‘Our Core Values’ As a Nation Are ‘Under Attack!’

Warriors Coach: ‘Our Core Values’ As a Nation Are ‘Under Attack!’

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is ringing alarm bells over our nation’s “core values.” He says they are under attack and it’s hard to argue with that. He says we need to do more to fight propaganda. Again, he’s not wrong here. Kerr also believes that the principles which formed the basis for the Constitution are not safe. And he gave as an example former acting Attorney General Sally Yates and a recent Twitter post in which she tweeted the preamble to the Constitution. Kerr stated, “There’s absolutely an assault on our institutions and on our core values as a country. [Yates] tweeted the preamble to the Constitution, which really sums up our country. And all those things are kind of under attack right now.” While I have less than no use for Yates, Kerr is right, although we view that truth from opposite sides here.

Kerr and his players have been harsh critics of President Trump, so it figures he would quote Sally Yates. I consider her just this side of treasonous. She was fired from her post after she refused to enforce President Trump’s lawful travel restrictions, aimed at protecting American citizens. What Kerr is using as an example here is an op-ed written by Yates for USA Today. She said Americans need to prioritize “objective truth” over “polarizing rhetoric and fabrications.” Again, that is true, but not how she and Kerr intend it to be. They are leftists and only use constructs such as the Constitution when it is convenient and they can hide behind it to employ a political agenda.

“One of the things she writes is how important it is to speak the truth, and for people to not be deceived, coerced,” Kerr said. He might want to reevaluate then who he is listening to if he means that. Just sayin’. “It’s important for all of us to call bullshit, and there’s a lot of bullshit right now, and propaganda, and misinformation. You can’t let that happen. The truth has to always win out, and our institutions and ideals have to win out, so it’s important that we speak out.” Well said, considering 98% of that bullsh*t is coming from the left. Feel free to knock it off any time now.

Warriors guard Steph Curry referred to Trump as an “ass,” in an interview. Sparking a war of words and bad blood which culminated in President Trump rescinding the Warriors invite to the White House to celebrate their championship. His players take after Kerr. So, I would just warn here to listen to the words that he is saying as they are correct, but consider the source and intent which is not. Every value we have is now in danger and the left has made the media worthless with their propaganda. Now, they are using the tried and true tactic of blaming the right for what they do… which is comprised of lying, immorality, propaganda and Kerr’s very own version of bullsh*t.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton is an editor and writer for Right Wing News. She owns and blogs at NoisyRoom.net. She is a Constitutional Conservative and NoisyRoom focuses on political and national issues of interest to the American public. Terresa is the editor at Trevor Loudon's site, New Zeal - trevorloudon.com. She also does research at KeyWiki.org. You can email Terresa here. NoisyRoom can be found on Facebook and on Twitter.

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