Remember The “Clock Kid” – He’s Back And He Just Made An INSANE Announcement…

Remember The “Clock Kid” – He’s Back And He Just Made An INSANE Announcement…

Heeee’s baaack! And Ahmed Mohamed, aka ‘Clock Boy’, has a message for Texas: you need to change and I’m just the one to help you do it. Texas needs to see the Islamic light – in fact, the whole world does according to Ahmed. He claims he was sooo misunderstood, but he forgives the infidels… if they will just convert to Islam and worship Allah. Not. Going. To. Happen. And he wasn’t ‘misunderstood’. From the beginning, we knew what he was up to. His ‘clock’ endeavor was to show how Muslims are wrongly persecuted and how our school systems should be more inclusive of Islam. I would wager his father set the whole thing up and liberals of course, fell for it. Now, he’s in Texas for the summer and he has the nerve to lecture Americans yet again. Didn’t anyone ever tell this kid, silence is golden?

Clock Boy

From Young Conservatives:

After a nine-month stay in Qatar, Ahmed Mohamed returned to Texas this week with a deeper appreciation for his religion and a thicker skin.

He’s no longer surprised when people recognize him since his arrest at Irving’s MacArthur High School in September, when a homemade clock he brought to school was mistaken for a bomb.

It wasn’t until family members in Africa reached out that he realized his arrest made news not only in Texas, but across the world.

After photos of Ahmed in handcuffs went viral, a national uproar began about the treatment of Muslims in the U.S. and made him think about how he could use the incident to teach others.

“I want to help change Texas for a better state, and I hope that not just for Texas, but the entire world,” Ahmed said this week from Irving, where he’s returned for the summer. “People sometimes don’t want to admit their mistakes, and sometimes the best thing to do is to help them change.”

The amount of support he received through social media surprised him, Ahmed said.

He has received hateful comments as well, but he tries not to let negativity faze him. Online threats have made him nervous and the rest of his family tries to stay out of the spotlight, he said.

While he’s in the U.S., he plans to take up invitations to visit well-known companies that followed in the wake of his arrest, even if he gets some negative attention along the way.

He will get a chance to thank some social media giants in person later this summer when he visits Facebook and Twitter headquarters. He has an offer for an internship at Twitter.

And of course, Facebook and Twitter couldn’t wait to schedule a meeting with the kid. Twitter offered him an internship. I’m sure it’s complete with a prayer rug and halal meals, as well as a hefty salary. His family isn’t trying to stay out of the limelight… they are connected to CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood. This is what they do. They spread propaganda and try to manipulate the culture, when they aren’t supporting or condoning terrorism. Texas doesn’t need this kid’s help and he can keep his change.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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