Sharia Law Advocate Invokes BIBLE to Defend ISLAM Then Gets Slapped With TRUTH!

Sharia Law Advocate Invokes BIBLE to Defend ISLAM Then Gets Slapped With TRUTH!

Linda Sarsour is a Palestinian-American Muslim activist and a constant critic of President Donald Trump. She is also a Sharia law advocate and this weekend, she decided to use the Bible as a means to defend her abhorrent views. And she quickly got smacked down hard for it.

Saturday, people across the country participated in anti-Sharia protests and Islamic counter-protesters responded with rallies of their own, calling the anti-sharia protesters racist and Islamophobic. For her part, Sarsour decided to stage her own little counter-protest on Twitter.

For those unfamiliar with Sharia, it is a broad term that, in essence, means Islamic law. It’s currently imposed in many Muslim-majority countries and is largely misogynist and homophobic. Women can be put to death for being raped and anyone who is suspected of being gay can likewise face an execution. Sarsour, however, claims to be a feminist and a progressive, who supports LGBT rights, while also believing in Sharia law. This has caused her to be labeled as a hypocrite, which is likely why she decided to use the Bible and the Torah as tools for her to defend herself with.

In Islam, homosexuality is punishable by death. If Sarsour was as knowledgeable about Christianity and Judaism as she pretends to be, then she would know that this is not even remotely the case. Tossing gay people off rooftops or stoning them to death is a uniquely Islamic practice. And Sarsour’s ignorance erupted an all-out Twitter war.

Ouch — she’s going to need a lot of ice for all those burns!

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