WATCH NEW FOOTAGE Of CNN STAGING Pro-Muslim Protest – WORSE Than We Thought

WATCH NEW FOOTAGE Of CNN STAGING Pro-Muslim Protest – WORSE Than We Thought

More damning video showing CNN staging pro-Muslim protests has surfaced on top of last week’s footage. The whole propaganda effort was meant to show how the majority of Muslims don’t support ISIS or terror. The problem is that none of the so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims showed up in outrage. These were plants and were probably paid to pose for the cameras. It’s just shameful fake news.

This happened soon after three ISIS Jihadists plowed a van into a bunch of people on London Bridge and then went on a stabbing spree, killing eight and wounding more than 50. They set up the shoot just outside the crime scene tape. That’s disgusting. Then CNN denied it was staged. The problem is that multiple people got it on video, including this latest recording and it shows they did indeed stage the whole set-up. Talk about orchestrated bias.

From TheBlaze:

Cable news network CNN ignited controversy last week after they were accused of staging a “pro-Muslim” protest during a live TV segment to push a narrative that most Muslims don’t support the “jihad” waged by extremists.

The allegations came after three terrorists used a van to mow over pedestrians last Saturday on the London Bridge. They then went on a stabbing rampage in a busy restaurant area of London. The three terrorists managed to kill eight people and injure 48 others.

Then last Sunday, CNN international correspondent Becky Anderson reported live from London near the scene of the terrorist attack. She lauded a group of Muslims that allegedly gathered near the scene to show solidarity with London and protest against Islamic extremism.

But a recording of the scene showed CNN producers and police directing Muslims, including women in hijabs, where to stand for the live camera shot. Despite the appearance staging, CNN denied they staged the scene and said it was “nonsense” to believe they did.

Claire Jordan recorded a new YouTube video that displays how the staging went down. In her video, which she narrates, Jordan is seen wandering around the “protest” area where multiple news outlets are staged for live camera shots. She notes ‘moderate’ Muslims with no flowers standing around looking angry and a number of white people with flowers in and out of back packs. The Muslims who later appeared in CNN’s live shot were standing around the media confab and cameras. Instead of protesting with signs and holding flowers as CNN showed them to do, the Muslim women are gathered across the street conversing with one another and were even taking selfies and appeared to practice being on camera. Then the video shows unknown people handing out the signs and flowers the Muslims are later seen holding in the live TV shot.

Nowhere anywhere around will you find Muslims protesting the terrorism and violence. They were not protesting radical Islamism as CNN falsely claimed. It’s not clear whether the Muslims in CNN’s live shot were already at the scene or if they were called to the location by an organizer. It’s also not clear who was handing out the flowers or signs. We may never know for sure, but there is an excellent chance they were called into organize for the session and that they were paid. CNN has done this type of thing many times, so no surprise here. They do not report the truth anymore and you can no longer trust them. They actually side with the enemy.

New footage shows people handing out flowers and signs to the alleged protesters that CNN called “demonstrators” after they were accused of staging a pro-Muslim protest for a live camera shot in London. (Image source: YouTube)

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