VIDEO Interviews of Muslims who want to kill Christians “I shall stab them wherever I find them”

When Donald Trump said last week that there is a great deal of hate for America (and by extension, Christians and the West) within Islam, he was attacked on all sides. Even his Republican presidential competitors, and Marco Rubio in particular, took issue with the statement as counterproductive.

Rubio’s critique might well be correct, in that Trump’s statement could be considered to include all Muslims and thus alienate the ones who have been our allies in the fight against the global jihad. And maybe it’s not a good idea for a presidential candidate to wade into the question of how much of the Muslim world America is going to have to fight.

But Trump’s statement can be defended on the basis that it contains a great deal of truth. Here’s an example of just how depraved a large segment of the Muslim world really is

This video is very revealing. A citizen journalist interviews a number of Turkish citizens about non-believers. Every person questioned appears to be your ordinary, normal man on the street. There is no religious garb or other “tells.” And yet their responses are shocking to those unfamiliar with the Quran and Islamic texts/teachings.

Islam, it’s not like other religions.

Yes, this video comes from Pamela Geller’s site and there is a good deal of irony in mentioning Trump’s statements above. After all, when Muslim terrorists attempted to assassinate Geller and a number of other patriots to the cause of free speech and Western civilization at a “Draw Mohammed” convention in Garland, Texas, only to be themselves shot dead by a hero cop, it was Trump who attacked Geller for starting trouble and provoking the Muslims.

He was wrong then, but he’s not wrong now. Watch the video and you’ll doubtless agree.

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