REVEALED: Here’s the TRUTH About Trump That the Media Won’t Report

REVEALED: Here’s the TRUTH About Trump That the Media Won’t Report

Our military men and women are people too and with what they have seen on the job, beyond the media spin, it should come as no surprise that they do not support establishment candidates. The same establishment guys who say ‘thank you for your service’ then screw the vets to save a buck behind closed doors. Is it all that shocking that polls are reflecting their candidate of choice is Donald Trump? Well, to some it is…and the reason, is much more than, ‘just because’

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I’ve said on many occasions that Donald Trump has that unique ability to utterly corrupt everything he comes into contact with. But his ability to corrupt is not limited to his supporters, it extends to conservatives who oppose him. I’ve been blogging on political subjects since about 2002 and I’ve never seen as much vitriol directed by conservatives at fellow Americans, even douchebags like Code Pink, as I have this primary season for the simple reason that they support Donald Trump. If Trump’s supporters were black or Hispanic there is no doubt that a goodly slice of the conservative commentariat would have been revealed as hard core, vicious, nasty racists of the type that would make David Duke look like a voice of moderation. My colleague, Dan Spencer, had a nice short post on the subject yesterday.

Anyway, I use this as point of departure for this poll of active duty and reserve military and National Guardsmen taken by the Military Times:

In an exclusive survey of American military personnel, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders emerged as active-duty service members’ top choices to become the next commander in chief.

The Republican front runner Trump was the most popular candidate in a subscriber poll that closed Sunday, with 27 percent saying they would back the business mogul if the election were held tomorrow. Sanders, the independent Vermont senator, was a close second at 22 percent.


Before any of us decide to go all wonky on Trump supporters, it would do well not to begin writing them off as racists and imbeciles right away. Members of the armed forces are in full support of Trump in just about the same proportion as our entire nation at large, and there as to be a reason for it. They have a more clear upfront close and personal view of the government than most of us do…

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