Israel’s Southern Border Wall Is 100% Effective – There Has Been ZERO Infiltration [VIDEO]

Israel’s Southern Border Wall Is 100% Effective – There Has Been ZERO Infiltration [VIDEO]

Israel’s border wall works.

A new report just issued gives us all the numbers on the effectiveness of Israeli border patrol services and should serve as a push for Americans looking to defend the building of a southern wall. Good fences make good neighbors and they prevent bad hombres from getting in. Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority can show that not a single person managed to illegally get into their country over the past 12 months.

In 2015, 220 illegals were able to get into the country and in 2016, only 18 people managed to get over the border that Israel shares with Egypt, separating the African continent from the Asian one.

In the last year, Israel has deported 2,431 people who had entered their country illegally. That number include 2,245 Eritreans and 186 Sudanese.

For reference, Eritrea, which is further away than Sudan is to Israel, is definitely a bit of a hike.

Eritrea is between 50%-63% Christian and 36%-48% Islamic, and their press freedom is considered to be the worst in the world, only above North Korea. They are also considered to have the worst human rights record in the world, with no guarantee of free speech, press or assembly.

How did they manage to get that number down to zero illegals? Well, Israeli authorities say that it’s because of the new fence they built on that Egyptian border.

Just last month, the Israeli Supreme Court gave out a ruling saying that the state of Israel may deport illegal migrants to a third country, not necessarily their own, if the illegal consents. But, the court stated that the Israelis cannot detain the people who refuse to be deported to a third country for more than 60 days.

If you look at the statistics provided by the African Refugee Development Center, over 46,000 Africans have looked to Israel for asylum, mostly from Eritrea and Sudan. Right now, Israel believes there are approximately 40,000 illegal migrants in their country right now, mostly due to economic reasons.

This summer, lefties tried to prove that border walls were awful because of international research, with many people in Europe and Latin America opposing an American border wall with Mexico. If I had to guess, there’s so much support for a border wall in America that the hippies have to go overseas (or down south, to the people who would have their escape north cut off) in order to find like-minded wall-haters. Further, asking island countries like Australia or British subjects about border walls is useless.

Check this video published last year by the Financial Times about the new border on the Egyptian border describing their plans to protect the whole country with a fence.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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