Media Spins Islamic Maniacs Into Victims

The latest outreach program by the Religion of Peace involves egging on losers to attack random Israelis with knives. USA Today reports on it under this headline:

Israelis Kill 4 Palestinians as Violence Surges

Cruel Israelis! The story begins:

Four Palestinians were shot and killed by Israelis Saturday in separate stabbing incidents in Jerusalem and the West Bank in the latest in a month-long upsurge in violent confrontations.

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Shot in stabbing incidents? What?

Police said officers shot and killed a 16-year-old Palestinian who allegedly tried to stab them after they stopped him to ask for identification in Jerusalem. A bystander had alerted police that the teenager was allegedly behaving suspiciously.

In the West Bank town of Hebron, an Israeli pedestrian shot and killed a Palestinian he said had tried to stab him, according to Israel’s military, the Associated Press reports. A Palestinian high school girl, who allegedly witnessed the incident, said it took place when Jewish settlers attacked an unarmed Palestinian, the girl’s father told Reuters.

In a separate attack in Hebron, a female officer fatally shot a Palestinian woman who allegedly stabbed her at a border police base in Hebron. The officer suffered only minor injuries.

Later, yet another assailant tried to stab a policeman on the outskirts of Jerusalem, but struck his bulletproof vest and did not injure him, the Associated Press reported. The assailant was shot and wounded. Police said when an officer approached to treat the attacker, he pulled out a second knife and attempted to attack him. He was then shot and killed.

In a third stabbing incident of the day in Hebron, Israeli military shot a Palestinian assailant who authorities said had stabbed a soldier, leaving moderate wounds. There was no word on the attacker’s condition.

That is, all of the shootings were in self-defense against unprovoked Islamic maniacs, as even USA Today admits once you get past the first paragraph. But many people just graze through the headlines, coming away with the impression that the bad guys are the good guys and vice versa. That is not an accident, but a result of fellow bad guys presenting the news.

The poor put-upon victims.

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