Protestors Shouting “We Are Hamas” Assault and Threaten to Kill Jewish Cameraman in Miami

Protestors Shouting “We Are Hamas” Assault and Threaten to Kill Jewish Cameraman in Miami

The conflict in Gaza between Israel and Hamas has evidently given the anti-Semites an excuse to come out and play. Jews have been attacked and had their property vandalized all around the world, most notably in Paris — but now it’s happening in the United States as well.


According to the website, The United West, this pro-Hamas rally was organized by CAIR:

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Miami HAMAS Attacks Jewish Reporter — Anti-Semetic Death Threats Spewed (Warning Strong Language) “I’m gonna kill you mother fuc_er, you and the all Israelis!” “You want a push, I’ll show you a push!” He’s a Zionist, this guy is not one of us, he’s a Zionist!” (code for Jew) On Sunday July 20, CAIR,FL and six other HAMAS support groups sponsored these violent and hateful protestors who attacked an innocent Jewish reporter in Miami, FL –

From The United West Youtube Channel:

… the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) crossed a cultural and maybe legal red line by sponsoring a HAMAS demonstration where this man, a Jewish reporter working undercover was identified and attacked by an angry crowd of HAMAS jihadists.

Isn’t it illegal to threaten to murder someone?

Isn’t it illegal to support a terrorist organization?

The cameraman involved has filed a complaint with the Miami PD in the hopes that they’ll take this seriously and press the appropriate charges against these self described members of Hamas.

So it’s apparently perfectly acceptable for CAIR to show support for a terrorist organization, just like’s it’s A-OK for Muslims to threaten to murder a Jew right here in the United States. The last time this kind of thing happened, we ended up with millions of innocent people dead while the world looked the other way and allowed it to happen. Will history repeat itself again?

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