Luxury Section 8 Housing on Chicago Lakeshore

A piece in Crain’s Chicago Business illustrates how liberal “fairness” is applied to housing:

The high-rise at 500 N. Lake Shore Drive is the second-most expensive in the city, with rents for a one-bedroom apartment approaching $3,000 a month, well beyond the reach of most Chicago residents.

But that’s not too much for the Chicago Housing Authority, which has used federal tax dollars to pick up most of the tab for four lucky residents in the year-old building, with its sweeping views of Lake Michigan, a concierge and a dog-grooming center.

The tenants moved in over the past two years as part of a push by the CHA to expand its housing voucher program so that more low-income residents can leave the city’s roughest neighborhoods and start a new life in places with low poverty and crime and close to good schools and jobs.

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Right. Meanwhile, Marathon Pundit reports that according to someone who lives in Aqua Tower, the CHA tenants spend most of their time “hanging around the pool and causing a ruckus.” They do not work; why should they? The legitimate tenants who aren’t living there at someone else’s expense are afraid to complain because they don’t “want to be accused of being racist.”

Here they loaf while we work to support them.

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