Saudi Judo Olympian Refuses to Compete Against Opponent Because of This…

Saudi Judo Olympian Refuses to Compete Against Opponent Because of This…

The world may be coming together to celebrate sports in Rio this summer, but when a certain Saudi Arabian Judo athlete packed her bags for Brazil, she apparently brought her racism too. This kind of bigotry is unacceptable anywhere, but especially at the Olympics. It’s poor manners and bad sportsmanship, not to mention wrong. Read on for details of her drama queen refusal to compete against an Israeli.

From Young Conservatives:

On Day 2 of the games, a Saudi Arabian judo competitor forfeited her first round match because she wouldn’t fight an Israeli…

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From Times of Israel:

Saudi Arabian competitor Joud Fahmy forfeited her first-round judo match against Christianne Legentil from Mauritius at the Rio Olympic Games on Sunday, in what Hebrew media said was a maneuver to avoid facing Israeli judo fighter Gili Cohen (pictured above) in the next round.

The Saudi Olympic team tweeted that Fahmy had sustained injuries to her arm and leg during training and was advised by medical staff not to compete, the Hebrew language Ynet news site reported. According to Channel 2, Fahmy was not hurt, but simply dropped out to avoid competing against the Israeli judoka.

Cohen then lost to Legentil in a brief second-round bout later in the day.

Saudi Arabia does not recognize Israel, though an ex-Saudi general led a delegation to Jerusalem two weeks ago, and met with Israeli officials and politicians, in the latest of a series of conciliatory moves. A former Israeli cabinet minister who met the visiting group said at the weekend that normal ties between the two countries might not be too far away.

The world has enough drama queens without Olympians getting into the mix. Get over yourself Ms. Fahmy and wake up to the fact that your racism is ugly and unwarranted at the Olympics and everywhere else. You don’t deserve to win a medal.


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