US Navy Defies Obama – Updates Their Uniforms With This

US Navy Defies Obama – Updates Their Uniforms With This

Every action, every historical figure, every tradition, every American…is racist. At least that’s what Obama and those who buy what he’s selling want you to think. Nothing and no one is safe from the Left’s self righteous accusation of racism. The race baiting crowd is out to destroy as much of our nation’s traditions as they can. That way, their chosen culture of victimization and pathological envy can continue unabated. Well, this time the Navy has said no. They will not bow to the latest fad in political correctness. The Gadsden flag – better known as the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag – stays. Read on for details.

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As you’ll recall, Barack Obama’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission made waves when it suggested that the Gadsden Flag – the yellow banner with the coiled snake about to strike and the words” Don’t Tread On Me” (DTOM) below – might be racist.

As of October 1, any sailor who is wearing the “NWU Type III” uniform can wear the Gadsden Flag patch. Seals and other special units may also wear the patch, is reporting.

“During garrison and non-tactical exercises or operations, the non-tactical DTOM and Reverse Flag patches may be optionally worn at the discretion of the unit commanding officer and at the expense of the Sailor,” the Navy announced in Navy Administrations Message 174/16. “During tactical deployment exercises and operations, a tactical DTOM and Reverse Flag patch may be worn at the discretion of the unit commander and approval from the Task Force or Joint Task Force Commander.”

The anti-tyranny message of the Gadsden flag is needed exactly because of these race baiters who, by their emotional blackmail and accusations of racism, seek to control the entire nation. They are little different than King George’s tyrannical England was during the American Revolution, telling us all what we can and cannot do. Well back off race baiters, the Gadsden flag was created with you in mind. Tyranny by any other name (like false racism charges) is tyranny just the same. Take your political tyranny elsewhere. We will not allow you to tread on us.


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