BREAKING: Jeff Sessions Just Gave BAD NEWS to Black Lives Matter!

BREAKING: Jeff Sessions Just Gave BAD NEWS to Black Lives Matter!

The Black Lives Matter movement has been controversial since its inception, after unarmed black men died after altercations with police. The protests spawned riots, looting, arson and violent attacks against police officers across the nation. And now, Jeff Sessions is making some big changes that Black Lives Matter won’t be happy about.

Barack Obama’s Department of Justice issued a crackdown on the so-called epidemic of police brutality, launching investigations and “agreements” with local police departments, which critics called an overreach and an attempt to federalize law enforcement. This is where Jeff Sessions is drawing the line.

Sessions has called for Justice Department officials to review the reform agreements they have with police departments, saying that they interfere with the Trump administration’s goals of increasing officer safety and morale.

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A two-page memo was released on Monday, Sessions said the agreements between Obama’s Justice Department and local agencies will be subjected to review by his two top deputies, calling into question whether or not the agreements will be allowed to stand. And with that, Obama’s legacy took another hit.

In addition to that memo, the Justice Department’s civil rights lawyers have asked a federal judge to postpone a police reform agreement with the Baltimore Police Department that was announced by the Obama administration just days before Trump took office.

Civil rights leaders are not happy with these changes.

“We’ve got just as many times that the Justice Department was called in to look at an incident and they found no probable cause for charges,” Adolphus Pruitt, president of the St. Louis NAACP, said. “Are they going to go back and look at those? The attorney general wants to re-examine something? Hell, I’ve got some stuff he can take a look at!”

Do you agree with overturning the Obama administration’s agreements?

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