Black Judge Denounces Plea Deals for “White Boys”

By putting skin color before character and qualifications to elevate blacks to positions of authority they probably would not otherwise occupy, we have at last created a color-free America, gloriously united under the benevolent smirk of our post-racial Affirmative Action president. Here‘s how post-racialism manifests itself in the legal system:

A black judge [Joseph Williams] from western Pennsylvania rejected a plea agreement for a man accused of fighting with police during a traffic stop, saying it was “a ridiculous plea that only goes to white boys.”

If a white judge dismissed a plea arrangement as “a ridiculous plea that only goes to n*****s,” living rooms across America would be strewn with the fragments of shattered screens as television sets exploded from media outrage.

After the depraved travesty of the O.J. verdict, I dared hope that at least it would mean an end to the canard that the legal system is unfairly hard on blacks. But moonbattery doesn’t even offer a silver lining.

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Fortunately in this case, adults took charge:

Williams later recused himself from the case, and a white judge accepted the plea agreement for 24-year-old Jeffery McGowan.

The defendant, who had no criminal record, agreed to plead guilty to disorderly conduct. He had faced charges including aggravated assault. …

On Tuesday, Mike Manko, a spokesman for the district attorney’s office, told the Tribune-Review the plea deal was appropriate and agreed to by the officer, who was not injured.

“Negotiated pleas are never based on the race of a particular defendant but rather on the behavior of the defendant and the facts associated with that behavior,” Manko told the newspaper.

No doubt this proves that Manko is a racist.

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