Bunks for Drunks Threatens to Spread

For decades, California has exported moonbattery north, turning Washington and Oregon blue. Now, the lunacy is flowing back south, as San Francisco considers implementing a Seattle program that pushes rewarding bad behavior at taxpayers’ expense to the furthest limit of lunacy. Via Corruption Chronicles:

Hardcore drunks get free government-funded apartments, catered meals and complimentary beer runs from staff at their public housing facility under a unique health program in Seattle that could soon spread to other parts of the country.

The innovative social service experiment, dubbed “bunks for drunks,” is around five years old and could soon be adapted by other municipalities to rid streets of their worst homeless alcoholics. In Seattle, they dine on three catered meals a day at a new apartment building that cost taxpayers more than $11 million.

Liquor is free-flowing at the compound that caters exclusively to 75 hardcore alcoholics who usually crashed on the sidewalk before moving in. The building’s staff regularly goes on booze runs for residents, fetching beer, wine and vodka purchased with government welfare and disability checks. Intoxicated residents stumble around the facility, often hurling profanities and engaging in spats with each other, according to a recent news report.

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Gavin Newsom must be kicking himself for not thinking of this first.

Now San Francisco officials are considering replicating Seattle’s program, which costs more than a $1 million a year. The San Francisco Department of Public Health already provides housing for about 1,000 substance abusers, people with mental illness and those infected with AIDS, but officials believe that there should be a “concentrated focus on chronic inebriates.”

“Chronic inebriates” is of course liberalese for drunken bums. By making the country a worse place, they have established themselves as more equal than the other animals in the eyes of our bleeding heart rulers.

Entitled to free everything.

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