Goon Paid $5,000 by Taxpayers for Menacing Cops With Machete

If you find yourself a little short on funds, not to worry. There are plenty of ways to pick up a little extra cash, even as the country succumbs to moonbattery. For example, Ruhim Ullay made a quick $5,000 by menacing police with a machete:

A Brooklyn thug who was shot by officers while waving an 18-inch blade at them and later sued the department for $3 million got a $5,000 settlement from the city — even though his own attorney said the shooting was probably justified.

Ruhim Ullah, 24, had pleaded guilty to menacing a police officer after the 2010 confrontation, in which he was shot once in the leg by a cop trying to stop him from attacking ­officers with the machete, according to his lawyer. …

But despite witnesses who described him as armed, the city offered a $5,000 settlement to get rid of the flimsy suit, despite the message their action sends — that crime, and potentially deadly force against cops, can pay.

Anyone shameless enough to climb aboard can have a place on the gravy train — and shame is ever harder to find in a country run by leftists.

The settlement was one in a series of payouts the city Law ­Department has quickly made under Mayor Bill de Blasio.

City lawyers signed off on a $98 million settlement last March over a longstanding class-action discrimination case brought by minority FDNY applicants over unfair hiring practices.

The de Blasio administration also settled the notorious Central Park Five case for $41 million last September.

De Blasio also ponied up $18 million in taxpayer cash to protesters who sued the city after being arrested at the 2004 Republican National Convention.

Keep your noses to the grindstone, taxpayers; someone has to pick up the tab.

Ruhim is assimilating nicely into Hopey Changey America.

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