Hollywood Is Destroying Family’s Personal Choice In Court – Here’s What You Should Know [VIDEO]

Hollywood Is Destroying Family’s Personal Choice In Court – Here’s What You Should Know [VIDEO]

VidAngel is a streaming service that launched in 2014 with the claims that you can watch movies “however the BLEEP you want” with their service. If that’s slightly confusing, allow me to simplify.

VidAngel is a filtering service, meaning that you get to choose what content you view in the privacy of your own home. According to the “About” section on their website, they claim to “condemn censorship of [producer’s and director’s] content in the public sphere], but believe families should be able to choose what they want to see when they sit down to enjoy a movie in their own homes.

Some producers and directors put things in their movies that the average viewer might not want to see/hear and VidAngel allows you to filter that out to make your viewing experience more enjoyable. (If you have children, you know what it’s like to have to pre-watch movies before allowing your children to sit down with you.)

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But VidAngel is now being sued by Disney, who doesn’t like the idea of content being being removed from their movies, even if it’s at the behest of viewers. (Would they prefer people just not watch their movies at all? Because that can be arranged and it wouldn’t be pretty for their bottom line.)

You can watch a video where they explain filtering here:

And you can watch a video explaining why they’re being sued here:

Want to watch cleaner versions of your favorite movies? Well, that’s too bad, because Hollywood wants you to watch the movies they put out exactly as they release them, even if what they put in there isn’t enjoyable for you to watch.

I think it’s time to organize boycotts against these companies, who clearly want to control the entertainment you consume. And let’s be honest, if they keep making terrible Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean prequels, sequels, whatever, I can’t say I’d be terribly offended by doing it.

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