Nanny Senses Her And Child Are Not Alone In House, Then Father Sees Disturbing Security Video [WATCH]

Nanny Senses Her And Child Are Not Alone In House, Then Father Sees Disturbing Security Video [WATCH]

Accepting the responsibilities of a nanny is no small matter. Potential clients are putting them in charge of the safety and well-being of their most prized possession – their children.

Jonathan Lai lives in Irvine, California, and had hired Jenna Lee Baker when he and his wife were in need of a nanny for his 3-year-old son. On July 31, Lai found out that his choice of a nanny was paying off, big time.

Baker and the toddler had been out for the day, getting some errands done before they returned back the clients Orange County home. The moment Baker walked through the front door of the home, her senses where going off, warning her that something wasn’t safe in the house.

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“Something wasn’t right,” explained Baker. As it turned out, her protective intuition took control as she called for the boy to come to her so they could get out of the house.

That was when Baker noticed someone at the top of the staircase, bolting down it fast. She was horrified, and “It was sheer panic,” she expressed.

Security footage caught the entire ordeal unfolding, including Baker’s direct response to the situation. After the burglar at first broke in, the video showed him sleeking around the home looking for valuables, dumping purses and looking into bedrooms.


Baker wasted no time seizing the boy in her arms and racing outside. She ran to a neighbor’s house for safety while the burglar fled the scene, running in the opposite direction.

Lai admits the ordeal has been very unsettling. “[He] tore down my whole sense of security that I had in my own home,” Lai explained.

“[I feel] very, very violated,” Lai continued. However, he cannot praise Baker highly enough for keeping his beloved son safe.

“What she did for my son and what she does daily — it’s unbelievable,” a thankful Lai stated. “I’m so grateful that she’s in our lives.”

Baker expressed how much she loved that little boy in her care, and keeping him safe was nothing special, but rather a natural thing to do. You know that she is worth every penny she gets, but it’s nice that money doesn’t play a factor with this nanny when it comes the the safety of her children she watches.

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