Judge Is Rendered Speechless Over Man Accused Of Sexually Abusing Dogs

Judge Is Rendered Speechless Over Man Accused Of Sexually Abusing Dogs

There are very few things a person can do that will cause a judge to be rendered speechless, but when you do, you know you’ve screwed up.

Stephen Matthew Taylor, 31, did exactly that when he was accused of having sex with dogs. Taylor plead guilty to a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge, and took an Alford plea to the felony charge of “inflicting pain on an animal and causing its death.”

It’s worth noting that an Alford plea does not admit guilt on the part of the plea-taker, but instead notes that the prosecution has enough evidence to prove guilt.

Taylor says that the charges are “lies” but didn’t think he would get a fair trial and therefore entered the pleas. I don’t know a whole lot about the legal system, but if the prosecution has to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in a case like animal abuse, wouldn’t it be extremely difficult to do unless you were, in fact, guilty?

I ask this because prosecutors claim to have found 171 images of bestiality on his hard drive, including images of a man preforming oral sex on a dog.

Taylor’s lawyer’s argument? The man in the photos isn’t Taylor. When that’s the best that your lawyer can come up with, you know you’re in trouble.

The judge in the case was reported to have said “I just don’t have words. This is disgusting.” He is requiring Taylor to undergo a psychosexual evaluation and ordered that he cannot have any contact with pets while he is out before his sentencing.

According to authorities, eight dogs were seized after Taylor’s arrest, with two of them needing to be put down.

Bestiality isn’t a frivolous claim. Usually when you’re on trial for bestiality, it’s because there is an abundance of evidence that proves you did it. This is absolutely disgusting.

H/T: Breitbart

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