VIDEO: Lightning Strike on Jim Beam Plant Causes “Firenado”

VIDEO: Lightning Strike on Jim Beam Plant Causes “Firenado”

What a waste of really good bourbon and it’s tragic about the creek and the fish… but this is soooo cool! A storm hit a Jim Beam warehouse in Kentucky and lightning set it ablaze, dumping 800,000 gallons of liquid gold into a creek and lake. Then lightning hit the bourbon in the water and set it afire. Then… a tornado sucked it up. Firenado! Mother nature is awesome.

The Jim Beam warehouse was struck by a bolt of lightning which released 800,000 gallons of bourbon.

The Jim Beam warehouse was struck by a bolt of lightning which released 800,000 gallons of bourbon.

From the Daily Mail:

A Jim Beam warehouse in Kentucky was struck by lightning releasing 800,000 gallons of bourbon into a nearby lake. Then, the lake was hit by a ‘firenado’ setting the inflammable liquid alight.

The firenado was caused when a bolt of lighting hit the ground setting a fire which was in the path of a tornado, which sucked up the flames, creating a terrifying spiralling inferno.

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A video of the dramatic scenes has been viewed more than four million times on the internet.

According to The Weather Channel, a firenado can grow up to 100 feet tall.

After the warehouse was damaged, the bourbon flowed into a nearby lake, which was then struck by lightening.

A small tornado passed over the scene, sucking up the flaming spirit and spreading the fire further.

Despite being the victims of a lightning strike, Jim Beam are facing damages of $70,000 for polluting the nearby creek which led to major fish kills.

I can understand Jim Beam covering the cleanup costs – I’m sure they have insurance. But why in the world are they being nailed for $70,000 for a Force Majeure event? This was way out of their control, yet the EPA is slapping them with damages because fish died. That’s insane. But the EPA itself is not fined when they destroy a river and pollute it in Colorado on purpose and then build homeless housing on a toxic dump in Georgia. Go figure. If I were the owners of Jim Beam, I’d fight this one on principle alone. Love the video, hate the politics.





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