A white teacher sues New York City claiming he suffered years of racial discrimination and bullying at a predominantly black and Latino school

Any discrimination is wrong, period. If it’s true the school ridiculed and embarrassed this man because he was white, he should sue the crap out of them. And if it is true they didn’t give him a key to the bathroom for three years, that’s just petty and mean. Having said that, taking pictures with a flaming communist like Danny Glover and proclaiming you are running for president doesn’t add to your credibility. Neither does a zombie fetish – even though the whole country seems to be full of them these days. I have no doubt that in a predominantly black and Hispanic school, there is racism against white teachers. I hope he videoed everything he could and documented everything, or he could lose out to a he-said, they-said scenario.

Paugh William Shadow with Hollywood legend Danny Glover and a friend at a signing event.

From the Daily Mail:

A white school teacher and part-time actor is suing the New York City Department of Education because he claims he suffered racial discrimination at his predominantly black and Latino middle school.

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Paugh William Shadow, or Dr. Shadow as he is known, filed a lawsuit at the Manhattan Supreme Court against the city for his alleged treatment at the Angelo Patri Middle School in the Bronx.

Dr. Shadow, 42, claims he was falsely accused of beating the pupils, using crude language, not arriving for work and says he was not allowed a key to use the restroom for three years.

In his court filing, Dr. Shadow cites the failure of school administrators to support him in disciplinary matters and their refusal to pay him back for science-lab apparatus he bought out of his own pocket.

Dr. Shadow is also accused of making sixth-graders walk up and down stairs as a form of punishment and alleges that he was ‘humiliated’ in front of his colleagues ‘due to his gender and race’.

According to his deleted school profile, Dr. Shadow taught 7th grade mathematics and also science.

His bio states that he ‘has taught overseas as well as in NYC. Besides science, Dr. Shadow has a passion for acting and has been on TV shows, commercials, movies and video games.’

He has appeared in television shows such as ‘The Good Wife’ and also on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show.

Listing himself as 6-foot 6-inches on his IMDB profile, Dr. Shadow claims his acting career began at the age of seven.

He claims his love of acting continued through college where he earned degrees in marine biology and chemistry.

Working as a local DJ, Dr. Shadow says that he has traveled the world and on his return began work as a teacher and has begun his own online talk show, The Shadow Show.

On his Facebook pages, Dr. Shadow has posed with actors such as Danny Glover and with exhibits his love of the Zombie television genre.

In addition to separate personal and professional Facebook pages, Dr. Shadow also has a Facebook page in which he has announced his intention to run for president of the United States of America.

The only pictures uploaded to the page are of a patriotic looking eagle and a smart looking picture of the teacher.

The Good Wife is a liberal hack job of a show. Won’t watch it period. It’s a given that you can be bullied by a bureaucrat, but this guy is 6’6″ and big. I don’t personally watch the shows he appears in, but he’s probably a decent actor and if his claims are true, he deserves justice here. Without more concrete facts, it’s hard to tell whether he has a legit case or not though. It would be just like a bunch of thuggish students though to accuse him of things he did not do because he is white. And it would be totally inline for a school (where he is a minority) to make him a whipping boy and to prevent him from disciplining his students. It’s typical Progressive think. That is racism when it happens and it should always be fought – the courtroom is as good a place to start as any. Not a role, I’m sure, Dr. Shadow ever wanted to play.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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