Just Seconds After He Says “Jesus Died For My Sins”, CNN Silences A NFL Star In The Rudest Way Imaginable [Video]

That was no accident, period. The minute Benjamin Watson said Jesus Christ, the blonde talking head got the cue and he was summarily cut off. Blatant and obvious much? Now, if it had been Islam, that would have been cool with them I wager. Or, some profane atheist drivel would have been a hipster touch. But mention anything to do with Christianity and oops! They cut you off. Watson is outspoken and you won’t silence him this way – he knows where his ultimate allegiance lies. The same can be said for most devout Christians. CNN can stuff it.

From QPolitical:

Wow. This is infuriating to watch, but it’s worth sharing to show exactly how controlling media outlets are on important issues like Jesus, and the truth about racism. When you see such an amazing football star get headlines and coverage for moving posts on Facebook, but as soon as he mentions the name of Jesus Christ, CNN reporters shut him down and try and silence his proclamation.

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This is outrageous. They asked him a question and didn’t like the answer he gave them, so they cut him off! What kind of ‘news’ organization is this?

Here’s the full version in lesser quality to give you more context. We thought that maybe because the video was short, it wasn’t as it appeared, but as we took closer look – it was evident. This was completely intentional.


As you can see/hear her point to her ear implying that her producers were telling her to ‘wrap it up’.

We have a message for CNN and any other mainstream news media that thinks they can silence the name of Jesus. Two words:

Good Luck.

It might make you uncomfortable, but we will still be thankful for the name of Jesus. We will still proclaim his name over all the names you want us to say. Let’s make this abundantly clear here, our GOD cannot be stopped.

Of course in the comments, you will see raving Leftists going on about fairy tales and sky Gods. They are trolls, organized by the radical left and communists. They are also lost souls who just don’t have a clue and hatemongers. It’s the playbook of the State and now to worship God is a sin. Who is John Galt? There is only room for the government in their equation. It’s free speech, unless you are a Christian or a Constitutional Conservative. Then it’s sit down and shut up, or off to the gulag with you. Welcome to Amerika 2015.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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