Anonymous Posts LONG List of ANTIFA Members… Lots of School Teachers! [VIDEO]

Anonymous Posts LONG List of ANTIFA Members… Lots of School Teachers! [VIDEO]

Antifa has been around for a while and is a violent group of far-left activists. But it’s only in the past several months that they’ve become especially notorious. The activists hide behind black masks, using anonymity to keep themselves safe from being prosecuted for their violent or criminal actions. But all of that may be changing now.

Internet advocacy group Anonymous has unmasked many members of Antifa and posted the list on 8chan. Many of the members appear to work in education, as teachers, professors and administrators. Others were writers, political activists and programmers. Many are also, unsurprisingly, members of radical groups like the National Bolshevik Party.

The full list can be viewed here:

While there is no telling how accurate the list is, so far, there doesn’t seem to be anything to indicate that it’s not accurate either. Anonymous is not an expressly political group and claims to have members of varying political beliefs among its ranks. Their goal is to oppose cyber censorship and surveillance, and to engage in Internet activism.

Antifa, meanwhile, can clearly be labeled a hate group. Much attention was paid to the presence of white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan and Nazis in Charlottesville, and rightly so — those are hate groups deserving of scorn and condemnation. But Antifa seemed to get a pass, despite their violent and despicable tactics.

Like members of the Ku Klux Klan, Antifa’s members wear hoods and masks to hide their identity. While they claim to be “peaceful,” they typically bring weapons and instigate fights when they show up to rallies and protests.

Consider the recent rally in Berkeley. Members of the alt-right were present, as was Antifa, and violence broke out, to no one’s surprise. The alt-righters had staged a rally called “No to Marxism in America,” but the threat of violence had caused organizers to cancel. Some activists still showed up, however. And about 100 left-wing activists and Antifa members were ready to meet them.

One reporter based out of Jacksonville, Florida, named Al Letson, quickly jumped in when Antifa members were caught beating an alt-righter as he laid on the ground in a fetal position. Letson shielded the man with his own body, receiving kicks and abuse from Antifa as well.

Letson later explained that he saw five people start to attack the man and then realized that about 20 more people were coming up behind him to join in the melee. “I thought they were going to kill him, and I didn’t want anyone to die,” Letson explained. While Letson said that he didn’t agree in any way with the man’s politics and that as a journalist he didn’t want to be part of any narrative, he still said he couldn’t let the Antifa members treat a human being so poorly.

Ultimately, what needs to happen is for both conservatives and liberals to denounce the extremists and condemn such violence if we want our country to have any chance at healing.

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