KARMA! Police Boycott Season Opening Flag Ceremonies After Browns Kneel For National Anthem [VIDEO]

KARMA! Police Boycott Season Opening Flag Ceremonies After Browns Kneel For National Anthem [VIDEO]

Cleveland police, EMT’s and other first responders were scheduled to hold a giant flag before the next Cleveland Browns game. They are refusing to take the field because the Cleveland Browns took a knee during a recent preseason game, according to Fox 8 in Cleveland.

During the Monday, August 21st preseason game against the New York Giants, several member of the Browns took a knee during the National Anthem.

The act enraged plenty of people, including the Cleveland Veterans of Foreign Wars, who announced a boycott of all Cleveland Browns games in response to the act.

Former Cleveland Browns star Jim Brown also weighed in on the protest asking the players not to “disrespect the flag.” Days after Brown’s advice, the whole team was standing during the anthem at the Browns’ next game.

I think this is the way to go. If players aren’t willing to stand during the National Anthem, then the NFL and ESPN will continue to bleed viewership. I don’t care what a bunch of millionaires do in their spare time. They can donate to Black Lives Matter for all I care, just don’t kneel during the anthem. Whether they like it or not, they are role models for plenty of kids in America. They should be protesting on their own time with their own money. No one has a problem with that. The problem Brown has is desecrating the flag.

The Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association and ILA Local 1975, which represents the city’s dispatchers, EMTs and paramedics, announced that they are not going to participate in a flag ceremony the team planned to perform for the season opener.

EMS union President Daniel Nemeth expressed that the union is refusing to participate by saying, “This hit home with me. I am a veteran, an 8-year veteran with the U.S. Marine Corp. So, to disrespect the flag by taking a knee is not something I was going to be a part of.”

Police union President Steve Loomis agreed that the team’s protest was too much to take.

“I’m here at a national police convention, and soon as they hear that I’m from Cleveland, the first question is ‘What about those stinking Browns?’” Loomis said. “So if the ownership of the Browns and the league are going to allow that type of stuff to happen, and then come to us and say, ‘We want you to help us with the flag,’ that’s hypocritical. We’re not gonna participate.”

The week before the preseason started, Cleveland Coach Hue Jackson said he was not at all for Colin Kaepernick-styled protests, saying that his team shouldn’t “have those issues.” I guess he hoped wrong. Maybe if the NFL and ESPN stopped focusing on politics and started focusing on their namesakes, viewership would climb again. But no, let’s listen to a bunch of millionaires who are dead wrong about police singling out black people for no reason, that will drive ratings.

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