Melania Trump Picture Sparks OUTRAGE On Social Media [PHOTO]

Melania Trump Picture Sparks OUTRAGE On Social Media [PHOTO]

As First Lady, Melania Trump has mostly kept a low profile. She’s been involved in some charity work and accompanied Donald Trump to Texas to visit victims of Hurricane Harvey, but otherwise seems to be trying to stay out of the spotlight. But that doesn’t seem to matter — liberals seem insistent on attacking her anyway.

Melania made an unannounced visit to HomeSafe, a domestic abuse shelter in Fort Worth that aims to give support to victims of domestic violence and abuse. She gave a speech to a group of girls, aged 12 to 17, and brought gifts as well: Easter baskets filled with goodies and stuffed bunnies.

“I’m here to support you and help you,” Melanie told the girls. “I want to encourage you, and do whatever I can to help you achieve your dreams.” According to the chief executive officer of the shelter, Matthew Ladika, Melania’s visit meant a lot. “This is a day that the girls will never forget,” he said. “It was extra special and touching … She asked them what their interests are.”

But where was the emphasis placed on in regards to this visit? Her shoes. noted that Melania had given up her usual Christian Louboutin pumps and instead wore Rene Caovilla sandals. They can be found on for a whopping $1,150.

People did not appreciate the focus on fashion and made those opinions known. “OK People: I did not vote for her husband,” one commenter wrote. “However, the lady showed up with Easter Baskets for the children. That is a good thing Why did you need to keep going on about her shoes? That is mean.”

Another person asked, “Are you people so full of hate that you have to nitpick about everything they do? At least she is trying to bring some happiness to some kids who have nothing… get over yourselves and appreciate that she is there… ”

“You guys are really low to attack her for this,” another person added. “I’m not a huge Trump fan and you don’t have to like him or their family… that’s fine, but when she does something nice, why do you have to be jerks about it. If she had made sure it got out into the media you would have said she was just doing it for the press. How sad that you have to take something like this and turn it into another class war attack… ”

Do you think this was a low blow?

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