BAD NEWS – Guess Who Snopes’ Fact Checker REALLY Is — You Won’t Believe It

BAD NEWS – Guess Who Snopes’ Fact Checker REALLY Is — You Won’t Believe It has long been regarded as the gold standard for fact-checking internet myths, hoaxes and viral stories. When you see your friends share something that seems kind of crazy, you can visit Snopes and get the truth. Or can you?

There have been allegations of liberal bias at Snopes. They only added political fact-checking to their site relatively recently and it is not often honest. Instead, it tends to be about putting liberal spin on issues that Democrats need to have covered. And now we know why: their lead fact-checker is a failed liberal blogger.


LaCapria originally tried to begin her blogging career at the Inquisitr, a site ironically known for its hoaxes, fake quotes and satire. She was not successful there, perhaps due to her open liberal bias. She referred to members of the Tea Party as “teahadists,” for example. So of course, that bias bleeds over into her “fact checking.”

Take Facebook, for example. It’s known now that Facebook employees were made to hide conservative stories that were trending. LaCapria, however, discounted this as just “rumors.” When Hillary made her, “We didn’t lose a single person in Beghazi” gaffe, LaCapria dismissed that as well, suggesting that Hillary was referring to a 2011 invasion, rather than the 2012 attack.


It goes on and on with LaCapria and at Snopes in general. While they may do a good job at debunking UFO rumors and internet hoaxes, they perhaps should leave politics alone, as they clearly can’t leave their bias at the door.

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