Bid to Criminalize Pets Fails in San Francisco

Even in San Francisco, liberty and sanity sometimes win out over liberalism. A proposal to make it illegal to sell any pets other than fish has been tabled due to public outrage. But in light of the rust-like tenacity of liberalism, it wouldn’t be surprising if Commissioner Phillip Gerrie and other moonbats try again in the future.

Gerrie expressed concerns about how many “smalls,” little pets like hamsters and gerbils, are euthanized each year because pet owners don’t realize that the cute little critters can be a noisy, destructive handful. Gerrie seemed to be coming very close to what some critics have charged – that the real goal is to discourage locals from owning pets.

“When,” he asked, “do we stop the exploiting, the buying and selling of animals?”

There you have it: a liberal admits to the objective of bringing the human race back to a point prior to the domestication of animals. As for the put-upon gerbils: what effect will banning pet stores have on the gerbil population?

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But most of the early speakers were more focused on caged tropical birds. Mira Tweti, the believe-it-or-not-named author of “Of Parrots and People,” had a PowerPoint presentation about captive parrots and the tribulations they must endure. And a representative from In Defense of Animals called for a ban on breeding, selling and keeping birds – unless the person is rescuing the bird from an abusive home.

And while it was admittedly wrenching testimony, the average pet owner probably wanted to know if he or she would be able to buy a puppy at a local pet store. As commission Chairwoman Stephanie Stephens said, no one wants to see an animal mistreated, but what about the responsible pet owner who keeps an animal in good condition and forms a mutual bond of trust and affection?

Nope, testified the bird advocate, they shouldn’t have a pet either.

In a town where it is often said that dogs outnumber children, that’s going to be a tough sell.

That probably explains why this latest moonbat power grab failed for the time being; in Liberal Land, the affection that would have gone toward aborted babies is redirected to yapping lapdogs with ribbons on their heads.

What SF libs have instead of children.

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