In Poland, quite possibly the best president…ever.

At the very least, he was the only president in history to leave the office with poll numbers as good as they were when he entered the office.

The story: In Poland, 3 presidents in 1 day

Poland’s constitution has created an unusual situation in the transition to a new head of state following the April 10 death of president Lech Kaczynski in a plane crash. Bronislaw Komorowski, as parliament’s speaker, automatically became the acting president when Kaczynski died and also won the presidential runoff election on Sunday.

So he’s going to become the actual – not acting – president soon.

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When Komorowski gave up the speaker’s job on Thursday morning…

…because he won the election…

…senate speaker Bogdan Borusewicz became acting president. He will fill the spot for about 10 hours until lawmakers elect Grzegorz Schetyna as speaker, making him acting president until Komorowski takes the oath of office in coming weeks.

And in that 10 hours Borusewicz will accomplish…

…very, very little. He’ll probably attempt to accomplish even less. And in so doing, he may well be a better president than all but a bare handful to ever reach the office. Either in Poland, or in the U.S.

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