Cheney Hospitalized With Chest Pains, Lefties Go Typical Disgusting

By now, most of you know about what happened with awesome VP Dick Cheney, but, from the Washington Post, a little recap

Former vice president Richard B. Cheney was hospitalized Monday at George Washington University Hospital after suffering from chest pains, his office said.

“His doctors are evaluating the situation and he is resting comfortably,” Cheney’s office said in a statement.

NBC News reported that Cheney, 69, underwent an angiogram — a procedure allowing doctors to examine blood flow in an artery. Doctors described his condition to the network as stable.

Are prayers are with you, Dick, for a speedy recovery. But, not so much at the Democratic Underground

  • Damn… he’s not dead yet.
  • May Cheney live a long life – and for every day of that life may he be scourged with terrible pain and misery. May he drool his way to oblivion, and I’ll be gleefully enjoying every minute of it. The guys is a total skumbag, and many of you jackassez worship him. You therefore deserve a fate no less miserable. Eff you all you pigs.
  • It’s always nice to start the day with good news.
  • I saw the headline and eagerly read the article hoping for news of Cheney’s demise. I’m seriously disappointed right now, but there is hope for the near future.
  • Wishing him well is like wishing Vlad the Impaler or Torquemada well. Some people brighten rooms when they enter, some brighten when they leave. I feel badly for his porn writing wife and his clone daughter, though, they seem to be the only ones who care if he lives.
  • I can’t believe the WAPO has minimized the news below the fold… Darth Vader on his sick bed is big news…
  • Finally, some good news to read!
  • I hope he drops dead.
  • if it should come to pass, i just hope they don’t desecrate arlington with this piece of carrion.
  • Whatever the problem is, I hope it causes him immense pain before it kills him.
  • The devil is calling his boy child home.
  • Someone should copy the comments here and send them to Cheney in the form of a “Drop Dead Soon” card. Sign it: “From the citizens that loath you”.
  • I was so excited to hear that the old guy was on his way to GW in a EMS vehicle…I was so disappointed to hear that he made it there alive…bombers! Crap sure does stink long!
  • I don’t wish suffering on anyone. I do think the world will be a better place when Cheney has left it.
  • Can’t you just see this alleged human being doing a duck walk thru the halls at Bethesda with his big old hairy butt exposed out the back? Here’s hoping that hios pain is excruciating and prolonged.
  • What? I was so hoping for a long, slow, excruciatingly painful death for this boob. The same sort of death he’s assured all of our children. May he never, ever rest in peace. May he suffer, suffer, suffer.

Wait, did I say this was the Democratic Underground? I’m sorry, my mistake, it is still the same Washington Post post that I started with. And, if you look at the comments, you will notice that the comments I excerpted make up just a small fraction of the disgusting insanity from moonbats on the left, comments which are continuing to accrue as I type and you read.

Crossed at Pirate’s Cove

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