Scott Brown Votes Yes On Jobs Bill: The Sexy Allure Of Bipartisanship

Are Scott Brown voters betrayed with his vote for the Jobs Bill that he helped to get out of cloture yesterday?

Dan Riehl says:

When Scott Brown starts crafting national health care legislation, or sounding like the liberal lion of the Senate, get back to me. Until then, it’s Massachusetts. We’re still a long way ahead on the deal. Winning the seat was more than worth it.

A Twitter friend said that he’s still better than Teddy Kennedy. Well. The only reason for a Republican Senator is to stop any sort of spending bills.

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Still, as Allah points out, this isn’t the worst bill in the world. It can also make Republicans look interested in bipartisanship when the legislation is right (even though this bill doesn’t do much of anything). Basically, it’s a purely political vote as the substance isn’t there.

Now, I’m hoping that the next big spending bill that comes along Scott Brown body slams. That’s unlikely to happen before the midterms in November. Even Democrats are worried about big spending bills right now.

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