Demise of the Prairie Peace Park

Bad news for world peace: the Prairie Peace Park of Pleasant Dale, Nebraska is curling up its toes.

The Prairie Peace Park opened in 1994. Interstate 80 travelers often [sic] dropped in to view the unique, peace-oriented artwork and exhibits. Annual visitation averaged about 600. Faced with financial problems, the Prairie Peace Park Board sold the park in 2005 to a transcendental meditation group based in Fairfield, Iowa.

Apparently attendance has dropped from the heady 1.6 visitors per day.

Old tires and shattered glass and an empty Jim Beam bottle litter the entrance. Weeds grow in the cracks of the parking lot, which is scattered with asphalt shingles and debris from an abandoned house nearby.

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If only they could bring back the good old days…

The Prairie Peace Park once was a place where the seeds of peace were sown by a group of visionaries who wanted a venue where people could meditate about ways to change a violent world. The park opened June 11, 1994. More than 1,500 people attended, including actor Ed Asner, children’s singer Raffi and the late U.S. Sen. J.J. Exon.

Despite the blessing by Red Ed, there just isn’t much interest in the Heartland for peace posturing and amateur sculpture by smelly hippies. Consequently, the park is for sale again. The asking price has dropped from $180,000 to $95,000, but there are still no takers. This helps explain why:

[A]nyone who buys the land has to abide by an important covenant — maintaining two unique pieces of artwork: “The World Peace Mural,” created from clay by 34 international artists; and “The Dance of the Children,” a globe-shaped metal sculpture pegged with children holding hands and several peace doves.

Another sticking point is that the buyer would have to fumigate thoroughly.

This sad story illustrates why moonbats should never be trusted to operate anything remotely resembling a business. Unfortunately, every time we open a newspaper we see that Comrade Obama et al. have managed to bring another sector of the economy under the control of flakes not far removed from the tie-dyed kooks contemplating their navel lint amid the ruins of the Prairie Peace Park.

Maybe they can get government funding to make it a museum of moonbattery.

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