Ed Schultz Denounces Ground Zero Mosque Opponents as “Aryans”

Anyone who doesn’t want Islamists to build a shrine to terrorism at Ground Zero is not only an Islamophobe but a racist to boot. How do we know? Because MSNBC’s Ed Schultz informs us on his radio show that Victory Mosque opponents (like this Holocaust survivor) are Aryans:

“You have a diverse crowd over here and you have a bunch of frustrated whiteys over here and that’s what they are! It is an Aryan crowd, is it not? I mean, it’s a Caucasian crowd over there so concerned about the mosque!”

Caucasian = wrong, according to our predominantly Caucasian liberal ruling class. Their bizarre belief system dictates that if you disagree with them, you must be Caucasian.

“Don’t they have the wrong target? Shouldn’t they be more concerned about bringing people to justice? Shouldn’t they be more concerned about Obama and his lieutenants running around the hills of Afghanistan, that we just can’t seem to ‘cuff the guy?”

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Notice how yet again (see here and here and here) one of Obama’s supporters mixes up his name with Osama bin Laden’s. As the media’s mosque jihad makes clear, this Freudian slip is even more meaningful than we knew.

Despite the relentless, no-holds-barred propaganda campaign the liberal establishment media has been waging on behalf of the obscene mosque, 77% of the public opposes it. But what do we know? We’re just a bunch of Aryans — liberalese for Nazi racists.

The entertaining thing about liberals is that they are so arrogant and so insolated inside their bubble of cartoonish lies that it never occurs to them to wonder if they are making complete fools of themselves — which they usually are.

Via Radio Equalizer. On a tip from G. Fox. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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