Five-Year-Old Mia Lemay Designated “Transsexual” by Parents

Shrillary says she wants to amend the Constitution to remove the protection of political speech. If we are going to start repealing the Bill of Rights, why not start with the Eighth Amendment, which forbids cruel and unusual punishment? That’s the only way justice could be served to the parents of a social engineering project formerly named Mia Lemay:

A Massachusetts couple knew their child wasn’t happy. So they made the difficult decision to raise their daughter as a boy at [her] own request.

Her own request. Apparently she was 4 years old at the time. If she had requested to be raised as a mermaid, would they exchange her bedroom for a swimming pool? But of course, parents don’t coach their young children to believe they are mermaids.

As [she] showed off [her] collection of rocks and dead bugs in [her] bedroom, Jacob Lemay also said how [she] hated [her] old name. “Cause it was the stupidest name ever,” Jacob said.

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[She’s] talking about the name ‘Mia,’ which was scrapped last June, when [her] parents and family therapy team concluded the then four-year old was transgender — a little girl wired as a little boy.

“That’s the kind of psychological burden that I don’t think anyone should have to deal with, especially not my child,” Jacob’s mother Mimi said.

How kind of her not to impose upon a small child with tomboy traits any “psychological burden.”

Why do this to an innocent kid? Political reasons:

“I want to change the way that society perceives and accepts transgender people,” Mimi said. “Because this is the society that my son [i.e., her daughter] will grow up in.”

Long after liberals have moved on to some new cultural Marxist fad and it is no longer the height of political correctness to raise a child to be transsexual, Mia will continue to suffer the psychiatric (not to mention chemical and surgical) consequences of her parents’ criminal moonbattery.

Mia Lemay
Giving her a boy’s haircut does not make Mia a boy.

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