Forget Carbon Caps, Alarmists Should Fight For Free Birth Control!

Why, yes, climate alarmists, composed primarily of left leaning people, do hate the human race, especially for what the say humanity is doing to Mother Earth. They tell us all about it by waking up to their electrical powered alarm clock, take a shower (hopefully) using water heated by electricity, flush the toilet a few time, have some coffee probably imported on a ship that uses fossil fuels, drive off to work in a vehicle powered by fossil fuels, and write articles using evil electricity that tells us that humans should stop breeding

Climate hawks are floundering after this year’s election. A climate bill couldn’t get through Congress even when it was controlled by the Democrats, thanks to Senate dysfunction and general idiocy. Now, with the GOP and Tea Party ascendant, the chances of passing curbs on greenhouse gases anytime soon are zip to zilch.

So what now, the hawks are wondering?

For the moment, forget about carbon caps and start thinking about cervical caps — and the Pill, IUDs, and Depo-Provera.

And these should all be considered as “preventative medicine” under ObamaCare, which means health insurers would have to pay the full costs.

It should be obvious why climate hawks need to care about making birth control widely accessible: fewer unwanted pregnancies will mean fewer unwanted births (not to mention fewer abortions), and, ultimately, fewer greenhouse gases.

For a change, we have a climate alarmists who is not a total hypocrite. Lisa Hymas, the story writer, calls herself a GINK: green inclinations, no kids. Doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue, eh? She’s child free and proud of it, because humans are banes of the environment, and kids are just little CO2 factories. And, yes, she does write about how humans should just go away. And writes about it. And writes about it. Interesting that she doesn’t fully practice what she preaches, but, with liberals, it is always someone else who should change.


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